Transform with Isoclast active


For the control of aphids and other insect pests in wheat, barley, forage brassicas and vegetable crops


New mode of action

Systemic & translaminar movement to protect new untreated growth and fast knockdown and cessation of feeding.

IPM friendly

Transform is selective to key beneficial insects such as lacewings, beetles (including ladybeetles), hoverflies, earwigs and spiders which aid in the natural control of aphid populations and undertake a valuable ‘clean-up’ role against any surviving aphids, thus lessening the risk of resistance developing in these survivors.


See full label for details.


Barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp. vulgare)

Brassicas, For Forage


Vegetables, Cucurbit (Cucurbitaceae)

Vegetables, Fruiting

Vegetables, Leafy

Vegetables, Leafy, Brassica

Vegetables, Root and Tuber


Wheat (Triticum spp.)

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
    240 g/litre Isoclast active
  • Mode of Action
    Transform is active against target pests by direct contact as well as moving systemically upwards and outwards through the sap stream via the xylem to provide protection to young, fast growing plants where new growth is particularly prone to aphid attack.
  • Formulations
    Suspension concentrate (SC)
  • Herbicide Group


  • Packaging
    1 L and 5 L

Target Pests

  • Oat aphid
  • Corn aphid
  • Grain aphid
  • Rose grain aphid
  • Green peach aphid
  • Greenhouse whitefly
  • Not all pests are registered in all crops, please see label for full list.

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