Press Release •  27/03/2019

New herbicide gives farmers the freedom of choice.

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Farmers understand the old adage ‘time is money’ better than most people. Which is why the latest product from Corteva Agriscience – a new forage brassica herbicide with plant back periods ranging from 0 to 6 months – is creating so much excitement.

Unlike anything else on the market today, Korvetto’s short plant back periods provide unparalleled flexibility for forage brassica growers. No longer will they be forced to wait a year or more before they can re-crop their paddocks after applying a herbicide. With Korvetto™ they can gain control of key weeds, including Shepherd’s purse and Fumitory, and be planting clover within 3 months and fodder beet in 6 months.

The secret to Korvetto’s success lies in a unique ingredient, Arylex™ Active, a powerful broad spectrum active with a particularly favourable toxicological and ecological profile. Quick to degrade in soil, Arylex Active enhances the ability to rotate crops without the need for significant stand-down periods.

Offering the highest levels of crop safety, Korvetto is the ideal solution for farmers looking to maximise yield. Its novel weed spectrum makes it particularly versatile, while its built-in MSO adjuvant ensures it’s incredibly convenient to use.

For Kiwi farmers, who are the first in the world to get access to Korvetto, the benefits are numerous. Alongside superior weed control, they’ll have the freedom to choose where, when and what they plant, and the ability to maximise the potential of their land. And all of that should translate to greater yields and healthier returns.