Zorvec® Enicade® + Ranman Fungicide CoPack

  • Fungicide


  • 49
  • 21

Zorvec Enicade + Ranman fungicide provides New Zealand Bulb onion growers with an unmatched combination of consistency and long lasting control of downy mildew in onions while maintaining a robust, fungicide resistance management strategy.

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient

    100 g/L Oxathiapiprolin + 400 g/L Cyazofamid 

  • Rates

    200 ml/ha Zorvec Enicade + 200 ml/ha Ranman 

  • Formulations

    Oil dispersion and Suspension concentrate

  • Fungicide Group

    Zorvec Enicade - Group 49 

    Ranman - Group 21

  • Packaging

    Co-Pack -  5 L + 5 L

Target Diseases


  • Downy mildew

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    Onion (Allium spp.)


    Highly effective

    Zorvec Enicade + Ranman fungicide has multiple effects on the pathogen’s life cycle, providing unmatched consistency and control for a healthier crop. Zorvec Enicade + Ranman fungicide protects plants in three distinct ways, including: 

    • Protects new plant growth for better crop establishment 
    • Protects treated leaves as they grow and expand, including leaves that are less than 20% final size at the time of application with no spread of disease. 
    • Protects new leaves as they emerge and grow. 

    Resistance Management

    Mixing Zorvec Enicade with Ranman is a sound fungicide resistance management strategy, combining two different modes of action (Group 49 and Group 21). The active ingredients within each of these products are at risk of developing fungicide resistance if continuously applied alone. A tank-mixture strategy will prolong the use of both oxathiapiprolin and cyazofamid for the control of onion downy mildew in New Zealand. 

    Novel mode of action

    It affects a novel target site with a completely new biochemical mode of action and has no cross-resistance with existing fungicides

    Preventative, locally systemic and translaminar activity.

    Consistently robust disease control at low use rates

    When plants treated with Zorvec® Enicade® + Ranman fungicide at various rates are compared with untreated plants and with the performance of competitive products, Zorvec® Enicade® + Ranman exhibits a consistently higher level of disease control.


    Zorvec® Enicade® + Ranman fungicide moves quickly into the waxy epicuticular layer of plant tissue, making it extremely resistant to wash-off. In fact, controlled wash-off studies have demonstrated that that the fungicide combination is protected from wash-off just 1 hour after application.

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