Korvetto with Arylexactive

  • Herbicide


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Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
    Arylex Active + Clopyralid
  • Mode of Action
    Korvetto contains two non-ALS modes of action (Arylex and Cloypralid).
    Arylex™ active – Chemical group: Arylpicolinate. Mode of action: IAA regulator • (Animate)
    Clopyralid – Chemical group: Pyridine-carboxylic acid. Mode of action: IAA regulator
  • Formulations
    NeoEC with built in MSO adjuvant
  • Herbicide Group


  • Packaging
    5 L and 20 L

Target Weeds

  • Black nightshade
  • Fathen
  • Fumitory
  • Hairy nightshade
  • Shepherds purse

  • Additional Resources



  • Korvetto Technical Sheet
  • Brassica Guide


    See full label for details.

    Brassicas, For Forage


    Short plant-back for flexibility in crop rotations.

    Best-in-class control of shepherds purse and fumitory.

    Excellent crop safety on the main forage brassica varieties.

    Ease of use with built in MSO adjuvant. No need to add a wetting agent.

    Revolutionary new product for post emergent weed control in forage brassica

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