• Miticide


  • 21

Fenamite is a selective miticide for the control of European red mite and two-spotted mite on pipfruit.


See full label for details.


Fruit, Pipfruit

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
    50g/litre fenpyroximate
  • Formulations
    Suspension concentrate (SC)
  • Packaging
    1 L
  • Herbicide Group


  • Additional Information

    Fenamite is a Group 21 insecticide and is a member of the METI mode of action group. Some naturally occurring individual insects may become resistant when excessive use of the same insecticide occurs. To maximise the effectiveness of insecticides, products containing alternate modes of action should be used in the spray program.

Target Mites

  • European red mite
  • Two-spotted mite
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