Sparta is a unique insecticide for control of various pests in pasture, forage brassica, tree crops, and vegetables.


IPM friendly

Sparta is safe to key beneficial insects that aid in the natural control of insect pests e.g. Lady birds, lacewings, Spiders etc

Short With Holding Periods (WHP)

Allows for greater flexibility.

Low Toxicity

Sparta is safe to use and handle with minimal safety precautions

Novel mode of action

Unique mode of action means Sparta controls insects resistant to other insecticides


See full label for details.


Fruit, Citrus (Citrus spp.)


Onion (Allium spp.)


Potato (Solanum tuberosum ssp. Tuberosum)


Tomato (Lycopsersicon esculentum)


Vegetables, Brassica Cole (All) (Brassica spp.)

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
    120 g/L Spinetoram
  • Application Method
    Ground and aerial applications
  • Mode of Action
    Spinetoram is active on all larval life stages and enters the insect primarily through the digestive system (ingestion activity) and secondarily through the insect exoskeleton (contact activity). In insects, the mode of action is associated with excitation of the nervous system which causes paralysis followed by death. The onset of symptoms is noticeable within hours. Spinetoram also has effective ovi-larvicidal activity which means that insects emerging from treated eggs are controlled.
  • Formulations
    Suspension Concentrate (SC)
  • Insecticide Group


  • Packaging

    1 L and 5 L

Target Pests

  • Diamondback moth
  • Looper caterpillars
  • Leaf miner larvae
  • Springtails
  • Thrips
  • Tomato/Potato psyllid
  • White butterfly
  • See label for full list

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