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Acanto is one of the leading strobolurin’s in its class for control of Scald, Net blotch, Brown leaf rust and Powdery mildew in Barley.

Gallant Ultra


Selectively controls grass weeds in white clover, forestry, orchards, nurseries, non-crop areas and certain broadleaf and forage brassica crops.



Selective herbicide for use in lucerne, lettuce, clover seed crops, cotula lawns and bowling greens.

Paradigm with Arylex active


Paradigm Arylex Active is a selective herbicide for post-emergent control of broadleaf weeds in wheat, triticale & barley.

Questar™ with Inatreq™ active


Inatreq™ active is an innovative new fungicide for the control of key diseases in cereals. The active is of natural origin with outstanding biological performance with a unique target site for cereal fungicides.

Rexade GoDRIwith Arylex active


A selective herbicide for post-emergent control of grass and broadleaf weeds in triticale and wheat (excluding durum varieties).

Starane Xtra


Controls broadleaf weeds in cereals and apples.

Transform™ with Isoclast™ active


Transform contains the powerful, new active ingredient Isoclast™ which is a systemic foliar applied insecticide that provides fast knockdown and residual control of aphids.

Versatill PowerFlo


Controls a range of broadleaf weeds in non-crop areas, tree crops, certain arable crops, pastures, forests and conservation tillage.