Vigilant® II

  • Herbicide


  • 4

Ready-to-use gel developed especially to control a wide range of woody weeds and trees, scrambling weeds and vines and general broadleaf weeds.

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
    43 g/Kg Picloram, 4.3 g/Kg Aminopyralid
  • Formulations
  • Herbicide Group


  • Packaging

    240 g and 5 Kg

Target Weeds

  • Woody weeds
  • Trees and schrubs
  • Scrambling perennial weeds
  • Rhizomatous plants
  • See label for full list.


    Extended weed spectrum

    Vigilant II will control a range of woody weeds, trees and shrubs, scrambling perennial weeds, Rhizomatous plants, Wandering Jew and general broadleaf weeds.

    Ready to Use

    Formulated as a gel, Vigilant II is ready to use straight out of the pack. There’s no need to deal with messy chemicals, plus it has the added advantage of limited user exposure thanks to the novel applicator bottle.

    Refillable pack

    The 240g applicator bottle is re-usable and can be refilled from a convenient 5kg pack.

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